5 Signs You Are Intuitive-Vlog

I’ve been blogging now for close to 3 years about intuition and all things spirit. Hands down my post “5 Signs You Are Intuitive” has been my number 1 post. I’ve recreated it here in video.

Define Your Intuition- What’s your Clair?

Just like your ordinary senses of taste and smell, your intuition is considered a sense, your six sense.  We come into this world with a guidance system and it’s an extension of your basic senses.  If nurtured, your intuition will flourish.  If neglected, it will shut down.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)-This is someone who sees images in their mind.  This is what most people think of when they think of someone who’s psychic.

Clairaudient  (clear hearing)-This is a person who hears messages.

Clairsentience (clear feeling)-This person feels things.  This is a feeling in their body.  For, me, I get a sick or heavy feeling in my stomach in a negative situation. Some people refer to this as a gut feeling.   I have a lighter sensation in my heart center for positive things. When my daughter, Madison was in grade school, she had an incidence where a stranger tried to give her a ride home.  A man stopped next to her in a car and told her to get in.  She decided to run instead.  I asked Maddie how she knew he was a bad man. She said that she had an icky feeling in her stomach when he talked to her.  Perfect example of clairsentience.

Claircognizance (clear knowing)-The only way I can explain this is you just know.  You don’t have anything to back up your feeling except you just know.

Everybody is different.  Some people are predominately one clair or while others cross into others. We are constantly being relayed all sorts of spirit information.  I like to think of it like radio waves or a cellular phone call.  It’s a connection that we have to tune into and pay attention to in order to get the message.

Still don’t know exactly what your clair is?  Think about what kind of a person you are.  Are you visual, auditory or feeling in nature?  When you interact with people do you size them up by their appearance, their spoken words or how the conversation made you feel?  Your answers to these questions may give you insight to defining your clair.

On the Radio with Rebecca Rosen

A few nights ago I heard that psychic medium, Rebecca Rosen was going to be on the radio the following day.  I had heard her before and enjoyed listening to her as she connected with the dead for her caller on the line.

I woke up early hoping to get my chance to call in.  I called shortly after six and “Big Party” told me to call back later.  She wasn’t scheduled to be on until after 7am.  I called back 20 or 30 minutes later and the phone just rang and rang.  I didn’t dare hang up.  I put the phone on speaker and I went about my morning. About an hour later my call was taken and I spoke to Rebecca.  I was hoping to connect with my mom or mother-in-law.  I wasn’t new to this sort of thing, but   was surprised what happened next.

Rebecca said that my Mom’s presence was strong and her heaven was much like a beautiful garden.  She told me that she had lived a full life and was ready to go.  She referenced my dad and their anniversary in November.

She then wanted to know who had been cremated in our family.  I thought of my aunt.  She said, “No, whose ashes do you have? Your mom is showing me a carmel colored dog.”  My dog, Freddy had died 2 months after my mom. I have his ashes. Rebecca said, “Your dog is with her.”  I was speechless.  Didn’t see that coming at all.

Intuition Speaks 5 Signs You Are Intuitive

Not everybody is aware of their keen sense of guidance.  We all have it.  It being intuition.  Some are more aware than others.  Still, we all have it.

You’ve heard of those that are especially gifted in this area.  Their abilities leave you scratching your head in wonder.  How is it they are so connected?

Everybody is born with an internal GPS or intuition as I call it.  It’s your guidance and your birth right. For some, their intuition is a bad feeling or  as some call it a “gut feeling.”  Others have visions and still others just know.  Our intuition speaks to us in many ways.

I opened to spirit energy as I grew older, but looking back I can see that I was always guided.  I had a knack for sizing up people.  I knew when I met my husband for the first time, that I had found my match.  I’m not sure how I knew, I just knew. I never really thought about what that meant or labeled it as intuitive.  I learned growing up that such things were not allowed in our home.

I had many signs that I was intuitive over the years, but never really put it all together until much later.  You may have had signs as well. Here are a few of my favorites.

#1- I was drawn to the spirit world.  Even though growing up I didn’t hear much or didn’t know of anyone who was intuitive, I found it all to be fascinating.

#2-I had a six sense about people.  I was able to size people up pretty quickly.  That has remained constant through out my life.  Even as a small child my parents picked that up and would ask me what I thought about a certain person or situation.  They said I always go to the bottom of what was going on.

#3-Some things you just know. Don’t ask me to explain that or give you a play-by-play of what I know.  I just know.  It’s that simple.

#4-You think of someone and they call you or you run into them.  This is another sign.  This is really an everyday occurrence for some and very routine.

#5- Dreams, lots and lots of dreams is probably my favorite sign.  This is the one sign that helped me put everything together.  If you pay close enough attention to your dreams, you will learn to decipher its meaning. Your dreams are trying to tell you something.  There is a message or lesson.  Your guides may be trying to communicate with you. Write the dreams down and take time to learn their meaning.

5 signs you are intuitive-vlog

Intuition speaks in many ways.  How does it speak to you?

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Intuition-The Mother Board

Intuition comes from the latin word “intueri.”  Translation is to look inside or to contemplate.  Intuition is a right brain function and some believe that it is the mother board for innovation.

Right brain function is associated with creativity.  Being creative is not just playing music or having artistic ability.  Being creative is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world. The right side is the side of the brain that is intuitive.

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Many people claim to have intuitive abilities while others don’t believe in such things.  Most would have to admit that there is something to it even though they can not explain.   Some call it mother’s intuition, some say psychic, yet others call it a gut feeling.  Intuition is knowing something without having to learn it. No matter what you call it, it all means the same thing.

It’s hard to imagine that we would come into the physical without a connection or guidance to the spirit world.  Just as it is hard to imagine that we would travel with out a phone or GPS in today’s world.  Imagine going to a place you have never been before or remember being and you are lost.  Who would you turn to?

We all have a guidance or our own GPS system. We all need to utilize it.  Pay attention to those gentle nudges.  It’s your intuition.

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From the Archive-Ask Them to Leave

Ever since she was little, she’s talked of spirits around her.  I think the first time was around the age of three.  It frightened her.  She asked why they were there.  I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t see any spirits around.  I told her to ask them to leave.

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As she got older, it was obvious that she was the only one who noticed them. She wondered why.  She said that her friends don’t talk about these things.  “Why are they around me and what do they want?”  she asks.  She tells me that she has asked them to leave yet she still sees them.  They don’t try to communicate with her just linger in the distance.

Almost an adult now, they still hover around her and she sees them.  She doesn’t like it so she asks them to leave.