Embrace Your Differences

    google image from alwayz lucid blog

google image from alwayz lucid blog

As the healing aspect unfolds, look around and notice what needs to be healed.  It’s not just the physical.  It’s your environment literally and figuratively speaking.

Your culture needs repair and the list goes on and on.  Be mindful that this is a new era in its infant stages and it will take many years before there is a massive shift.  However, the pendulum of change has shifted and the changes have begun.

Peoples minds and hearts have been hardened to that of others.  There is a me against you type of philosophy rather than a cooperative attitude.  This is not to say that we are all the same.  We must embrace our differences and not fear those who are different.

Each person is unique and has something to offer; a purpose in life.  It’s important that they are allowed to fulfill that purpose.

The world in which you live is transitioning and in doing so there will be many questions that arise.  People will no longer accept the status quo.  In justice is not an option.  Inequality has no place in your society.  Your government is on the verge of collapse.  There will be no tolerance for abuses of power or simply the lack of truth.

It seems that we have gotten off on a bit of a tangent, but the point here is that healing is not just for the physical body.  There are other aspects in your society that need tending to .

You are to work with people and their ailments.  Others have been given their mission as well.  It’s a big job and will take some time to clean up the mess.

Trust Is An Issue

   google image from blogcritics.org

google image from blogcritics.org

Greetings My Daughter,

You stand tall in your beliefs. You may not believe what others or the status quo believe, but you own it. That is to be admired.  When you were a child and questioned things:  life in general, I gave you the truth as I knew it.  For me, it was black and white.  What I knew was the truth.  I made it my truth and never questioned it until much, much later in life.  Then to question or doubt it would mean my entire life would have been a lie.

I commend you for finding your truth and not just falling into line. I fear that I have created a trust issue within you.  I was not honest in so many areas of my life.  You believed me and all I had to say when you were a child, but as you grew older you drew your own conclusions.  If I did anything right it was allowing you to think freely.

As a child, you could spot a scam or a scoundrel a mile away.  You had an instant dislike or disdain for such people.  You have trouble getting close to people and they tend to let you down.  You have trust issues.  Don’t forget that we all have are short comings.  Give people a chance.  Allow mistakes to happen and try again.

The Intuitive Mind: 5 Ways to Boost Your Intuition

I haven’t always known that I’m intuitive.  It started with little things, but I noticed those little things.  I started writing them down.  Pretty soon I couldn’t ignore those little things.  As a result, more things occurred.  Pay attention to your intuition. Write it down, acknowledge it and trust what shows up.  I assure you that as you pay attention to it and focus on it, it will grow.

Meditation is an excellent way to quiet your mind and in the quiet is when spirit likes to come in.  I know for many, meditation can be intimidating.  There have been many technological advancements in this area that have taken all the work and time out of meditating.  You no longer need to meditate for hours and hours to get to higher planes of consciousness.  It’s really quite remarkable.  The health benefits are huge.  If this is something you haven’t considered or have, but didn’t find it beneficial, I would take a second look.

The right side of the brain, our intuitive side, loves to be creative. In discovering that creative side, intuition can come through.  There are all sorts of opportunities to amp up your creativity.  Social media web sites are popping up with unprecedented creativity.  People are coming together to share their projects and discover others.  Being creative is not just playing music or having artistic ability.  Being creative is a way of thinking; a way of viewing the world.

The intuitive or right brain also likes to play games. It wants to have fun and in doing so, spirit can come in.  I personally have struggled with this over the years.  I’ve never enjoyed playing games.  I was more of a serious child.  I also have a memory of playing games with my aunt.  She was very hard core when it came to her games.  I never won.  Later in life, I started playing again and it’s good to enjoy a mindless game now and again. Take it from me.  Don’t be so serious.  Life is supposed to be enjoyable.  Have fun!

Learning something new will also stimulate the right side of your brain.  The right side is not logical or routine in nature.  Switching up your routine by incorporating something new will really spark your intuition.

These are a few of my favorites that will help boost your intuition.  Get to work and discover which tool works best for you.

Meditation Ready for Download

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Channel- Look at the Big Picture

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Greetings my daughter,

In the jouney of life you have had such a traditional one.  You’ve experienced the usual ups and downs on your path. You’ve developed a sense of right and wrong having been raised with those values.  You have also cultivated your own truth, your sense of self.  It is what your soul desires.

You have been the dutiful daughter.  Doing what is expected and making us proud. You have raised your daughters in your truth not the status quo.  You have allowed them to be comfortable with themselves.  Soon it will be their time to shine and they will do so with ease.  They have a big purpose in life as you alreay know.  As you are guided, so are they.

Both girls have found their glory.  They shine and are noticed for different things or aspects of themself. You have always known this . Their differences are obvious as they each have unique qualities.  They step into their purposes early if life unlike you.  The world is ready or such things.  It’s time as that becomes more evidetnt in the coming months and years.

Being raised in a traditional environment both girls desire such a life and will have life long love and family.  It’s their future.  Continue to push them to be their best.  Have pride in them.  Teach them to be sympathic to those who need help.  Both girls are generous and desire to teach.  That will be a big part of their purpose.

I know it can easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of life.  Don’t forget to  look at the big picture.

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