The Catalyst

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You have felt the energy.  The energy of change and now you know what it is, how it feels and what to expect.  It will all be very organic to you and that, that of a healer, unfolds.

Receiving the Bands of Power has ignited your being.  You had thought you need not be present at your recent workshop, but indeed you got what you came for.  You got what was needed and moved on.

Angela is gifted in helping others move forward on their path as she will help many.  You being one of the first.  It’s like a perfect storm when she arrives at the right time to push you forward.

She will teach others and ignite their purpose as well.  You have not seen the last of her.  Acknowledge her for what has happened.  She is new to this type of thing.  She may not know the significance of her work and that she is a catalyst, or a fire starter.

As you move forward it’s important to acknowledge those who help you.  You have not done this alone and with each step or phase that has occurred there are those who have helped you along.

We remind you that integrity in what you do and with others will support your work immensely.  Those who are not in full integrity will fall out of favor with you.  Don’t be overly concerned with this.  Just know that it comes with the territory.

Weekly Channel-Major Shift in Energy

Greetings My Beloved,

You get a glimpse of something and like a bull-dog can’t give it up.  You want the details.  You are not satisfied with just knowing a part of  “what is”.  You want to know all of the details and how it will unfold.

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There will be a major shift in your ability to decipher energy.  You have always been able to read a situation or person, but the details and clarity are about to come.  While you have been able to gather bits and pieces, the whole picture now comes into play.  It’s like looking through a magnifying glass.  Everything will be more evident. Things that you haven’t noticed before will be intensified. This is an expansion.  There is much clarity in finishing a job and cleaning up for the season.  Give thanks, always give thanks.  Some people call it appreciation.  It is an important part and shouldn’t be over looked. Moving into the end of the year, time moves quickly.  There is much going on and much to be done.  Spend your time wisely.

Channel- Look at the Big Picture

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Greetings my daughter,

In the jouney of life you have had such a traditional one.  You’ve experienced the usual ups and downs on your path. You’ve developed a sense of right and wrong having been raised with those values.  You have also cultivated your own truth, your sense of self.  It is what your soul desires.

You have been the dutiful daughter.  Doing what is expected and making us proud. You have raised your daughters in your truth not the status quo.  You have allowed them to be comfortable with themselves.  Soon it will be their time to shine and they will do so with ease.  They have a big purpose in life as you alreay know.  As you are guided, so are they.

Both girls have found their glory.  They shine and are noticed for different things or aspects of themself. You have always known this . Their differences are obvious as they each have unique qualities.  They step into their purposes early if life unlike you.  The world is ready or such things.  It’s time as that becomes more evidetnt in the coming months and years.

Being raised in a traditional environment both girls desire such a life and will have life long love and family.  It’s their future.  Continue to push them to be their best.  Have pride in them.  Teach them to be sympathic to those who need help.  Both girls are generous and desire to teach.  That will be a big part of their purpose.

I know it can easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of life.  Don’t forget to  look at the big picture.

Join in a group reading.

From the Archive-Ask Them to Leave

Ever since she was little, she’s talked of spirits around her.  I think the first time was around the age of three.  It frightened her.  She asked why they were there.  I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t see any spirits around.  I told her to ask them to leave.

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As she got older, it was obvious that she was the only one who noticed them. She wondered why.  She said that her friends don’t talk about these things.  “Why are they around me and what do they want?”  she asks.  She tells me that she has asked them to leave yet she still sees them.  They don’t try to communicate with her just linger in the distance.

Almost an adult now, they still hover around her and she sees them.  She doesn’t like it so she asks them to leave.

Ask Amy Q and A- So What is a Group Reading?

I like working with people in small groups.  When I say small, I mean 8 or 10 people max.  The purpose of working this way is to magnify the healing energy that occurs during a session.  We are all connected energetically, but when we gather as a group the energy is intensified.

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Getting a reading is personal and not everyone wants to share that information with others.  You have the option of participating with others who don’t know you as I work with people all over the world.  I also see that some people enjoy the comradery of gathering together and would like to have people that they know with them and for this reason they choose to participate in a group session with family or friends.  It’s up to you.  There is no right or wrong.

Each session we will come together  and clear energetic blocks that are holding you back in every area of your life.  We will also talk about the spirit world and I’ll answer any questions that you may have.  The interesting aspect about working together over the telephone is that all benefit from the encounter.  One person may ask a question and that may be something another person needs to hear as well.  It’s funny how that works.  I hear comments like, “I felt you were talking to me or that’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

We will also have short meditation in order to raise your vibration, we will go over your intentions for the session, and then we will get into individual questions.

Something New- Small Group Readings


Interested in a reading, but not sure what it is all about.  Maybe you would like to ask a question or two.  Then you may be interested in a group reading.

I limit the number of participants in the group to 10-12 people.  Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions. The great thing about being in a group is that someone may ask a question that you were wondering about and we all benefit from that.

There is a healing component to my readings.  Blocks are removed from your energetic field and this is magnified in a group setting. Most people feel more energetic and clearer almost immediately following the session.

The cost of the session is $40/person. All sessions are via the telephone and last an hour.    If you are interested contact me via email at

Next session is September 6th at 7pm CST