Alia Speaks


I impress upon you my emotions and I feel your tears begin to flow.  Its has been many man years since you have allowed yourself this aspect of yourself to appear.  You feel whole again. There are many reasons for my absence and that of my return.  Only know, it is time in your life for my presence.

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I am the missing link or the final piece to your puzzle in making your true spiritual transformation.  It was necessary for me to go while you woke up in this lifetime.  Your life plan was very different from others.  You desired a more normal type of life and in doing so, I needed to step aside.  It was all part of the plan, but with my return, you will slide into your ways  of connecting with the outer realms.  It is second nature to you.  You have done this for life times.

You are a healer.  There are no boundaries, but I will remind you that you are not to interfere with free will or a person’s chosen path.  If it is a person’s chosen time, you must respect that.  You will have a broad agenda.  The sky is the limit, literally.  You have a particular desire to help children and there is much work to be done there.  You and I are one.  I am part of your higher self. Together we will change your world.

The Metamorphosis

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We Greet You! Much is happening around you.  You move in and out of the higher dimensions with ease.

Your metamorphosis is almost complete.  We say this to you as we notice that you have made such a transformation.  You are still the same person.  Your intuitive nature has resurfaced and will take you far.  You no longer question the validity of this knowledge.

The healing aspect is within reach.  Each and every detail has been reviewed and processed.  It reminds us of a stage setup with massive lighting and microphones are in place.  Someone is checking the sound, “check, check.” Then it’s showtime.  Everything is in place as it should be.  The curtain lifts and the lights are bright.  Do you know what we mean? We sense that you do.

There will always be more to do or to learn, but for now, this is enough.  Bring in more when you see fit.

The intensity of this next phase will be grand:  exciting and over-the-top.  This is the best way we can describe it.  You are prepared as you can be. There will be no easing into this next phase.  It will be upon you like that.


In Walks Delphene


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I recently took a workshop on channeling.  I thought it would help take my work to the next level.  There were lots of exercises.  In one we were asked to do a brief meditation.  My Mom came through as she often does.

I am here for you. As you continue to come to this space, I will follow.  It has become easier and easier for you to connect in this fashion.  There are others who wish to speak.  So, for now I will step back and allow the flow to continue. My name is, Delphene.  I support you in your push

for change.  I am an angel. I am here to assist you.  I will work with the energies to help blend them with yours.  The conduit if you will.

The universal energies that you are connecting with are intense and I will help or be the middleman in order for you to tolerate.  This in turn will allow you to bring in more.  This is all necessary in the next phase of your work.  What I will be doing is blending the energy so that you can work with it and pass it to another.  Just like I am sharing my thoughts., I am going to do the same with the energy.  You will feel the various types as they all have a different feel.  The difference now will be the intensity.  It’s time to get to work.

Embrace Your Differences

    google image from alwayz lucid blog

google image from alwayz lucid blog

As the healing aspect unfolds, look around and notice what needs to be healed.  It’s not just the physical.  It’s your environment literally and figuratively speaking.

Your culture needs repair and the list goes on and on.  Be mindful that this is a new era in its infant stages and it will take many years before there is a massive shift.  However, the pendulum of change has shifted and the changes have begun.

Peoples minds and hearts have been hardened to that of others.  There is a me against you type of philosophy rather than a cooperative attitude.  This is not to say that we are all the same.  We must embrace our differences and not fear those who are different.

Each person is unique and has something to offer; a purpose in life.  It’s important that they are allowed to fulfill that purpose.

The world in which you live is transitioning and in doing so there will be many questions that arise.  People will no longer accept the status quo.  In justice is not an option.  Inequality has no place in your society.  Your government is on the verge of collapse.  There will be no tolerance for abuses of power or simply the lack of truth.

It seems that we have gotten off on a bit of a tangent, but the point here is that healing is not just for the physical body.  There are other aspects in your society that need tending to .

You are to work with people and their ailments.  Others have been given their mission as well.  It’s a big job and will take some time to clean up the mess.

Your Body Feels Like It’s 100 Years Old

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You are deeply connected to the spirit world.  You tend to travel in your sleep and you are finding it difficult to be back in your body during your awake time.  These difficulties express itself as back and joint pain. Your body feels like it’s a 100 years old.  This will pass as you work with the energies on a more consistent  basis.  You tend to go in spurts as your schedule goes in waves of work then time off.  As you ease in a more balanced routine, the aches and pains you are experiencing will alleviate.  Exercise, massage and just getting out doors will help you become more grounded.  This is all temporary or a phase.  As you work with the higher energies your body will adjust. We see this as a transition as you are moving more fully into your work or life purpose.  When you fully step into that field with no distractions, you will feel whole again.  You are literally walking in 2 worlds.  As you strive to be more fully into this new line during your wake time these uncomfortable physical symptoms will subside.

It’s Time In Your World For Such Things

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We have much to say to you in regard to energetic healing.  As you already know, the energy is the healing aspect.  You are directing the energy through thought and feeling.  The energy itself is a feeling that will wash over you and that which you are working with.

The energy in not of your world.  You have worked with it before and you agreed to work with it again.  It is time in your world for such things.  Don’t get caught yo with how, what, where or why.  Everything is as it should be.

It is appropriate for you at this time to step into this work.  Work with the energy as you see fit.  You have assimilated everything necessary to move forward.

Don’t worry it will all comeback to you, but until then we will assist.  Call on us to answer your questions.  It is time to step firmly in this direction.  No need to be timid or shy.  You are none of those things, but we feel a hesitation on your part. We feel  bit of self-doubt.

Feel the bucket of cold water we mentally have thrown on you.  Shake it off and move through your anxiety.  You are well equipped to handle it.

I Will Assist You

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You have been working diligently on your spirit work and I have assisted proudly.  This next piece of work that is coming forward in your mind is not about dreams and visitations, but about energy and the power of that energy.

I will gladly assist you in any way that is possible.  I feel that you have put everything together, but you are not entirely sure about the implementation.  Start asking questions and be open to the possibilities.  You already know the answers, but seek confirmation in some way that you are indeed moving in the correct line of thinking.

The energy you are working with is very powerful and as you learn to direct it, be aggressive with it.  You will certainly be astonished.

The energy healing is not a new modality.  It is of universal strength. Nothing like this has been seen.  There will be many questions.

I look forward to seeing you in your dream time. Until then.

Let’s Play A Game

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Would you like to play a game? We feel you cringe as you consider the possibility, but for now play along.

Imagine that you are doing exactly what it is that you wish to do.  Let’s do that in all areas or aspects of your life:  work, play, home life.  Consider it all.  As you go through each aspect, picture how it will be.  See it and feel it as well.  How will it appear?

Manifestation of absolutely everything starts at this point.  So, you can see that keeping positive thoughts will benefit you greatly.  Manifesting negative circumstances or situations can come into play as well.

For example, have you ever started your day off by over sleeping?  At some point as you are rushing around getting ready, you may think to yourself what a horrible day it’s going to be.  From here everything else seems to go wrong.  That’s because you already decided earlier that it was going to be  horrible day.

Decide how you want things to be.  Life is not as random as you think.  Bring into reality the positive aspects of being that you choose.  How does your world look or how do you want it to work.

It’s important to know when you are in that zone of manifestation so that you can get there when necessary.  Change your thoughts when you need to.

Some find it helpful to have a journal and to use gratitude as an emotion to elevate your feelings.

What ever is showing up in your life is a direct match to your vibration.  If you like what you are getting then carry-on.  If you would like something different, then change your vibration.

For some people, they are stuck in the loop of sickness.  For others, bad relationships or lack of money.

Elevate your thoughts, feelings and move out of any vibration you are currently in.  For those who are waiting for something to happen, you must realize that you have the tools to change your life and to make it happen.

Until You Experience It, You Can’t Fully Understand

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We greet you with much excitement during this busy time for you.  We continue to work with you in your dream time.  You are almost to the finish line.

The next step or phase is more on your shoulders.  You are required to step out into the awkward space of the unknown. Although it isn’t entirely unknown as we have been making plans with you in your Dreamtime.  Those ideas and thoughts are in your subconscious and will come forward in various ways.  We speak to you in your dreams and through symbols.  You have a thought or idea that may appear to be random, but most likely it is not.

It is no mistake that your recent guided meditation is about visitations .  Although you will have many, this particular piece of work is going to be your trademark.  It will be something that separates you from others.

There is and will continue to be interest in the Other Side.  In the past, pre-2012, not all had access to the higher dimensions.  Those who wish to connect will do so, in this new era.

It may be beneficial to say that a visitation is not like other dreams .  It is truly an interaction with you loved one which happens in a dream state.  Until you experience it, You can’t fully understand or comprehend.

You have experienced this and know this to be true.  What is different now is that you are able to request a visitation and more freely interact with those on the Other Side.  This is where your guided meditation comes in.  This will help many, many people.  Especially after a death and there are unanswered questions.  Your experience will benefit   others.

The Catalyst

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You have felt the energy.  The energy of change and now you know what it is, how it feels and what to expect.  It will all be very organic to you and that, that of a healer, unfolds.

Receiving the Bands of Power has ignited your being.  You had thought you need not be present at your recent workshop, but indeed you got what you came for.  You got what was needed and moved on.

Angela is gifted in helping others move forward on their path as she will help many.  You being one of the first.  It’s like a perfect storm when she arrives at the right time to push you forward.

She will teach others and ignite their purpose as well.  You have not seen the last of her.  Acknowledge her for what has happened.  She is new to this type of thing.  She may not know the significance of her work and that she is a catalyst, or a fire starter.

As you move forward it’s important to acknowledge those who help you.  You have not done this alone and with each step or phase that has occurred there are those who have helped you along.

We remind you that integrity in what you do and with others will support your work immensely.  Those who are not in full integrity will fall out of favor with you.  Don’t be overly concerned with this.  Just know that it comes with the territory.