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Dreaming of a Gift


Dreams are messages about our lives.  It’s communication from the spirit world that helps you resolve issues in our day-to-day lives. I start to analyze my dreams while I’m having them.  Recently, I quit my job.  It was a job that I had been doing for over 27 years.  While it was difficult to do, I found it liberating at the same time.

Shortly after giving my notice, I had a dream and it went like this:

I was holding onto all sorts of items and things.  My arms were full.  In front of me was a big beautifully wrapped gift.  It was red with a big white bow.  I wanted to pick it up and hold it, but my arms were full.

As I was putting something down, I realized that this dream was about my job.  I needed to let go of it in order to get the gift.

This dream was conformation that I had done the right thing and given up my job.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

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Everybody has one.  You know that place in your life where you have shifted into auto pilot. Where once you were excited and inspired to be part of, but now its lack luster leaves you in a space that’s quiet different.

So why do you stay in the relationship or job? What are the stories that you have created to keep you there?  What is keeping you in the comfort zone? It may be simply you have no reason to leave or no place to go.  Leaving the zone by definition is hard work, uneasy and will push your boundaries.  The zone may also be comfortable for those around you and they may help keep you there.  It is safe, but doesn’t allow for expansion of self or personal growth.

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Change can be scary.  Change can be difficult.  Don’t allow the fear to paralyze your or keep you in a space of discontent.  Move in the direction of your dreams.

What will you do if those around you are not supportive of your dreams and desires?  Will you wait until the time is right for them to make a change?  Will you do what makes them comfortable or best for them?

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You must decide.  Make a plan, a plan for change.  Step away from the status quo and be your own person.   Don’t let the fear of change paralyze you and keep you in your spot.  Maybe it’s time you get out!

The Leo King


I’ve never really got into astrology. It was another one of those taboo’s growing up.  I did like reading my horoscope in the paper especially when it applied to me personally, but honestly I’ve never understood it.

I’ll admit I’ve never taken the time to learn or understand. Until recently, I found The Leo King purely by accident.  He produces a daily astrological video blog. He proclaims to illuminate the collective consciousness.  After watching a day maybe two, I was hooked. I wasn’t overly interested in the astrology itself, but rather the passion and energy for the astrology that caught my eye.   I promptly scheduled a reading with him and several weeks later, I connected with David Lawrence Palmer, the Leo King via Skype.

We spoke for an hour,  David doing most of the talking.  He interpreted the charts and channeled spirit to deliver a unique message for me. Nothing less than brilliant.  He encouraged me to follow my hearts desire.  He accused me of being complacent and overly comfortable or lazy in pursuing my dreams.  He urges me to go after what I seek as it will not simply fall into my lap. I need to step into my personal power he tells me.

Before the hour was up, David pulled some cards to complete the reading.

Aces of any suit usually indicate new beginnings – generally very positive ones. Wands are in the realm of accomplishment and are often generally related to work/career. If you are having a difficult time and draw the Ace of Wands in a reading, know that things are likely to be getting much better very soon!


In general the Ace of Swords calls on us to not be afraid to make a leap if it’s in our best interests. In short, bravery is called for. As the old adage says, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” You have a good idea already of what must be done. The hard part is the doing of it.  David mentions that it is unusual to pull 2 aces in a reading. 



The 3 of Pentacles tells you that the people around you appreciate you and your efforts, and notice the quality of what you do, even if you don’t get a paycheck. The Three tells you to keep doing what you’re doing as you are on the right track (although there is always room for improvement.) You don’t need to scrap something and start again. 

Queen of Pentacles

This card can indicate that you will be spending time, money, and energy on your home, getting it to be more comfortable. This is a good thing, provided you don’t take on too much debt. People will be looking to you for insight and/or advice. You will be able to help them, if you are so inclined. This is a time period when you can get a lot accomplished. 

And for my husband, David pulled the Moon card.

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The Moon indicates that things may seem somewhat confusing to you now. You may find it hard to understand where you are coming from, much less what others are thinking and feeling! You need to try to sit with the uncertainty, don’t try to force things or people to do things before they are ready. This card is the “Pisces” of the tarot deck. David states that there is some anxiety that needs to be released.

Well, Mr. Leo King, it’s been real!