Weekly Channel-10.16.2012

google image from guidedspirits.ning.com

Greeings my beloved,

We sense your questioning as to what you should be focusing on.  You know what it is that you should be doing, but with the business of everyday life you struggle to get it all done.  There are enough hours in the day.  You just need to step into the flow.  You know what I mean. The flow is where the universe brings everything to you. You are doing that much of the time, but from time-to-time you are out of sync.

Focus on your work and more will come.  When you ignore it, so do others.  The most exciting piece is yet to come.  You continue to put everything together.  It’s how your mind works.  You are very logical and need to have it proven to you.  You have learned to connect on a higher level, but consciously need to know how to replicate that.  That will truly be magical.  Train yourself to elevate to this level.  You know how it feels, but it eludes you from time-to-time.  Practice then practice some more.  You won’t be disappointed.  Soon you’ll be connecting on a whole new level and it will become second nature to you.  The energy that you with is healing.  The new energy is 1000′s and 1000′s of times more potent.  Crazy things are about to happen.  Don’t question the validity, but be grateful for access to such abundance and healing energy.  Get to work my friend.

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