Weekly Channel-Embrace the Change

Greetings My Beloved,

Much is happening in your world.  The energy is shifting.  Sometimes you feel the energies more than at other times.

It is important that you take care of your physical body by exercising regularly and drink plenty of water to be hydrated.  This will help to assimilate the energy.

Not only is your world-changing and shifting to higher dimensions, but your bodies are changing and adapting to the new frequencies as well.  You have felt it for months now.

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Sometimes you feel as if you are sick.  Let me assure you that you are not.  You are feeling the energy shifts.

The world, your world, moves to bridge the gap from the 4th dimension to that of the 5th.  There have been many astrological events that have assisted in this process.  It is almost complete.  Portals have opened and your bodies are becoming increasingly more sensitive to the energies, especially that of light workers.

When the adjustments are complete, there will be new center of energy that will easily be accessed, new chakras.  The old energy systems make way for new energy systems in the next dimension.

The old 7 chakra system is revamped and new higher chakras emerge.  This is why at times you feel sick, you have opened new portals that for lack of better meaning are over loading your senses.  You will adapt and adjust to the new energies. There are 13 chakra now and you will have access to more as time goes on.

Just to be clear:  All will have access to these new chakras, but not all will do so. Those who already work with the energies are feeling the shift and at times over whelmed by the energies.  They will adjust.  What I mean by feeling the energies are flu-like symptoms, body aches, head aches, neck and shoulder pains.  The energy becomes bottle necked and needs to be released.  This is why frequent exercise and water will benefit you.

As your calendar year comes to an end, so does the process of closing the gap in the dimensions.  Your world is truly going to be different in all aspects.  Embrace the change.

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