Ground Zero

Downtown New York

Downtown New York (Photo credit: sreevishnu)

I’m getting ready to travel with the family to NYC.  I can’t help but think of  “ground zero.”

I remember the twin towers in all of their glory.  They were so magnificent.  I wonder how many people worked there and created their lives around those buildings.  When the towers went down and the buildings destroyed, so were the lives of so many.  Going to the place of tragedy ad heartache makes me sad.  It’s sacred ground.  Has anything good come from such misery? Have any of these people and their families been restored? Have they managed to pull themselves together?

So many of us find ourself at ground zero sometime in our lives.  No, not the New York Ground Zero, but the ground zero of total devastation.  It’s that place where you get the rug pulled out  from beneath you.  You may have lost someone you love or have suffered through an illness.  Maybe you lost a child or your spouse.  It’s your ground zero. It’s that something that you are never really prepared for and it rocks you to your core.

If you are experiencing ground zero in your life, I hope a find peace.

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7 thoughts on “Ground Zero

  1. I am in ground zero now. It’s been tough this year, but yeah, I’m surviving. Thanks for the post. It’s a good one, and the photo is absolutely breathtaking! :-)

    Subhan Zein

    • I’m sorry to here that Sebhan. It seems many are in similar situations. I have no doubt that you will completely recover. Love to you

      • Thank you, I’m waiting for that bright day to happen, when all the heavy burdens are lifted from my shoulders and… also my chest! Thank you again. Many blessings to you. :-)

        Subhan Zein

  2. I hope you enjoy your visit to the Big Apple. I know you already know this, but before you visit the Memorial make sure to shield yourself. I don’t even know if I could visit it with how sensitive I am. When I visited Arlington cemetary for Memorial Day one year I was crushed with sorrow.

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