Healing Energy for Family

A few weeks ago, I dreamed of a snake.  I didn’t feel like this was a good dream.  The snake was lurking and I don’t like snakes.  I felt like it was a warning of some kind…danger.

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The day that I had this dream, my sister-in-law was hospitalized and she has been sick since.  She continues to have a strange unusual infection, Strep A and has since developed a heart disorder.  It is unusual and the doctors are puzzled.  What is causing all of this non-sense?

Debbie, I am sending you healing energy and praying for a complete recovery.

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9 thoughts on “Healing Energy for Family

  1. The snake can also signify Kundalini power – our spiritual power, which is at the base of the spine, and seen as a coiled snake.
    I know you’d probably prefer to stick with conventional treatments, but there is a herb called Astragalus which boosts the immune system and will stop your sister-in-law’s infection. As a herbalist, I treat many people with serious diseases and I know this herb can help her.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your sister – mystery illnesses are the worst too. Have you shared with her what you learned about tackling your own recent illness? Not sure if she’s receptive to that or not but just came to my mind. I hope they figure it out, she gets well without needing medical care or whatever is found will be easily treatable.

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