Channel-Don’t Cry For Me

Greetings My Daughter,

It’s been a week of nostalgia.  Birthday week in your world. It stirs the emotions. Don’t cry to me as I am where I should be.  Don’t cry for me because I am no longer there.  Don’t cry for me. I wish to be the spark of inspiration.  I wish to be the smile of memories and the joke at the party.

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I sense a flood of emotion having said such.  It is as it should be.  I did my best though at times it wasn’t good enough.  I did what I thought was right.  It all boils down to that.  You make the best decisions based on what you feel is the best for you and your family.  As you live your life you realize that is not always easy.  You live in an imperfect world and other’s decisions affect the whole.

It’s a critical time for your world.  Vast changes in all aspects of life.  Embrace the change as it will truly be a year to remember.

Focus on what you wish to achieve and inspire those around you.  You don’t have time for annoyances but be compassionate to those who need your assistance.  Everybody has their unique lessons and path to follow.  For those who are completely off the path, give them a gentle nudge in the right direction.  It can be frightening and almost crippling to not know which direction to go.  This is something you should be doing.

It is not always easy to stand out in the crowd.  You will endure your share of criticism.  Most won’t have the courage to say things to your face.  It’s the same old “tear people down” attitude.  You don’t have the patience fo such people.  Surround yourself with loving individuals and dare to speak the truth.  It is what you are there for.

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