Weekly Channel-Major Shift in Energy

Greetings My Beloved,

You get a glimpse of something and like a bull-dog can’t give it up.  You want the details.  You are not satisfied with just knowing a part of  “what is”.  You want to know all of the details and how it will unfold.

google image from alwayz lucid blog

There will be a major shift in your ability to decipher energy.  You have always been able to read a situation or person, but the details and clarity are about to come.  While you have been able to gather bits and pieces, the whole picture now comes into play.  It’s like looking through a magnifying glass.  Everything will be more evident. Things that you haven’t noticed before will be intensified. This is an expansion.  There is much clarity in finishing a job and cleaning up for the season.  Give thanks, always give thanks.  Some people call it appreciation.  It is an important part and shouldn’t be over looked. Moving into the end of the year, time moves quickly.  There is much going on and much to be done.  Spend your time wisely.

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