Weekly Channel-Elements of Fear

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Greetings my beloved,

Such a busy time for you and those around you.  It seems to be a theme for so many. You don’t have to do absolutely everything.  Remember that. Prioritize what it is that you desire.  We notice that the list is long and that of your family is long as well.  Try to focus on 4-5 things at a time on the list.  It’s difficult to focus on anyone particular thing when you feel over whelmed.  So decide what is important and put a time on it that it needs to be completed next to it.

Next we feel that prioritizing your time may be most effective.  You are very productive in the early part of the day. That would be te time to get your tasks done.  You also like to journal and write and this is a good time for that as well.  Enlist the help of others and get your chores accomplished.  You find it confusing when your things are out-of-place. You like order and cleanliness.

Decide what amount of time you want to spend on your business. There are aspects of the business that don’t appeal to you. Once again, enlist the help of others.  There are those who have a knack for such things, your sister for example.

Reevaluate frequently.  If you are not seeing the results you seek than make adjustments.  You are getting back exactly what you have been putting into the business.  It’s been more of a hobby and you aren’t interested in a hobby. Consider a 9-5 job.  That position requires you to show up and work 30-40 hours a week.  In return, you receive a pay check.  In order for you to turn your hobby into a paycheck you must treat this like a job.  It’s that simple.

We sense your anxiety over the lack of time you have available.  You have more time than you think.  Keep track of where you are spending it.

There is an element of fear that keeps you at arm’s length from what you desire.  You must push through it and allow it to unfold.


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