Weekly Channel-Don’t Delay

Greetings My Beloved,

We notice that you connect instantly even before you intend to do so.  It is all coming back to you.  Random thoughts pops into your mind.  You wonder where that came from.  It is from us.  We have always been feeding you thoughts, however, now it is more on a conscious rather than a subconscious level.  The ideas range from helping your father in different ways to ideas for your business.  We don’t help you in just one area of your life, but all aspects.

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Just as we tell you what to write here, we are doing the same in day-to-day communications.  The communication is flowing and will continue to expand.  It is as it should be.  You may wish to carry a notebook with you or a voice recorder to take notes so that you don’t find yourself wondering what we said at the end of the day.

Continue your writing as it helps others as well.  The messages are not just for you.  The are layered with vibrations of knowing. It may just be a confirmation or message someone needed to hear. You’ve found this to be true already.  That is your confirmation. You’ve shifted from self conciousness to self-confidence and that will continue to grow as you journey down the path.

One more piece of information:  time is of the essence as time is moving rather quickly in your world now. Don’t delay or put things off as you sometimes do.  There is much work to be done. Jump in with both feet and bask in the glory of it all. It suits you.

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