Intuition-The Mother Board

Intuition comes from the latin word “intueri.”  Translation is to look inside or to contemplate.  Intuition is a right brain function and some believe that it is the mother board for innovation.

Right brain function is associated with creativity.  Being creative is not just playing music or having artistic ability.  Being creative is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world. The right side is the side of the brain that is intuitive.

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Many people claim to have intuitive abilities while others don’t believe in such things.  Most would have to admit that there is something to it even though they can not explain.   Some call it mother’s intuition, some say psychic, yet others call it a gut feeling.  Intuition is knowing something without having to learn it. No matter what you call it, it all means the same thing.

It’s hard to imagine that we would come into the physical without a connection or guidance to the spirit world.  Just as it is hard to imagine that we would travel with out a phone or GPS in today’s world.  Imagine going to a place you have never been before or remember being and you are lost.  Who would you turn to?

We all have a guidance or our own GPS system. We all need to utilize it.  Pay attention to those gentle nudges.  It’s your intuition.

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