Complete Shutdown

I apologize, I don’t have anything to say about the spirit world today.  It eludes me.  This really makes me wonder if something big is going on here.  I haven’t felt this disconnected since my mom died a year ago or so.  I try not to worry for now, but I wonder why I am in complete shutdown.

I haven’t been feeling well. When I sit down to write, nothing comes.  I’ve been nursing a headache for weeks now.  I attributed that to the sugar I’ve eliminated from my diet.  I  thrusted myself into complete detox.

Wanting to feel better, I drag myself to the doctor’s office.  I pride myself in being in good health.  I don’t remember the last time I resorted to such measures.  I needed antibiotics and in a hurry.  I was given an injection and some oral antibiotics and now starting to get some relief.  Why did I wait so long?

I have to feel better.  I am traveling this weekend.  If the pressure doesn’t go down in my head, it will surely explode in flight.


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22 thoughts on “Complete Shutdown

  1. I feel we’re on the brink of a significant shift…it’s already in progress and I feel that’s what we’re experiencing. Take care of yourself – your skills and talents are needed more than ever! xoM

  2. Amy you aren’t alone with this – everything is reaching a fever pitch right now on every spectrum. You are a sensitive and light worker and we are most vulnerable to so much energy fluctuation. The sugar reduction affecting you would make sense – especially a drastic reduction. I hope you are able to rebalance yourself and feel better! More protein might help too. Big hug through the wires to you dear girl.

  3. You’re not alone in this Amy, many of us are going through very similar experiences. Personally, I was told to ‘let go’ of everything I have spent much time and effort on, like my blog for instance, and I have. I now know that it was necessary in order to be able to accept and work with the new, much higher vibrational energy that we are being exposed to and have to start working with now, or very soon. Take a break girl! :) You will need to drink plenty of water as well, to help your body get used to these energies. Have a great trip! :)

  4. Healthy blessings to you, Amy! It is quite fascinating how connected the mind, body and spirit are~ ~ I’m feelin’ EXTREMELY groggy, lately, as well…Gears are shifting~~I’m positive you will feel better in no time :WATER, WATER, WATER ;)

  5. Hmmm. The last time I had headaches like that, it was the ophthalmologist that was able to correctly diagnose me. Odd, but true. The eyes are windows to more than the soul. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. Dear Amy, This seems to be going on with most of us. I don’t know when I have felt so much uncertainty and a general state of I just don’t know. I thought yesterday morning how purposeless I was feeling and I realized that perhaps my purpose right now is to be purposeless.
    This too shall pass. We’re all in the throes of a big shaking up and a realigning. I can’t explain it, I just know it in my bones.

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