Channel- Look at the Big Picture

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Greetings my daughter,

In the jouney of life you have had such a traditional one.  You’ve experienced the usual ups and downs on your path. You’ve developed a sense of right and wrong having been raised with those values.  You have also cultivated your own truth, your sense of self.  It is what your soul desires.

You have been the dutiful daughter.  Doing what is expected and making us proud. You have raised your daughters in your truth not the status quo.  You have allowed them to be comfortable with themselves.  Soon it will be their time to shine and they will do so with ease.  They have a big purpose in life as you alreay know.  As you are guided, so are they.

Both girls have found their glory.  They shine and are noticed for different things or aspects of themself. You have always known this . Their differences are obvious as they each have unique qualities.  They step into their purposes early if life unlike you.  The world is ready or such things.  It’s time as that becomes more evidetnt in the coming months and years.

Being raised in a traditional environment both girls desire such a life and will have life long love and family.  It’s their future.  Continue to push them to be their best.  Have pride in them.  Teach them to be sympathic to those who need help.  Both girls are generous and desire to teach.  That will be a big part of their purpose.

I know it can easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of life.  Don’t forget to  look at the big picture.

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