Weekly Channel-Get After It

Greetings my beloved,

We sense a change in your overall well-being.  A sense of urgency that you wish to claim your birth right.  Your desire to move on or get on with it.  We sense the desire or pleading with in your soul.  Then, get on with it.  You and only you get to decide how quickly or slowly you progress through life.  If you go about life leisurely then that’s how the outcome will show up.

google image from alwayz lucid blog

We say leisurely, jokingly.  There is nothing very leisurely about what is to come.  It’s called work, but you love what you do.  It’s your daily 9-5 that drains you.  When the time is right, step away from that.  You can stay there as long as you like, but it does hold you back from moving on quickly.

Decide how you want things to be.  Write it down, say it out loud.  The sky will not fall down.  You have come far, but still reserved in a sense of where you should go from here.  Don’t forget to carve out time for yourself.  We see you either working and doing what you love.  When you are not working, you are with your family.  So, plan it out ideally how it will work so that you give your full attention to that plan.

Plan? What Plan?  Your plan to move forward rapidly, that plan.  Write it down.  Enlist the help of others.  You live in a cooperative society.  No need to go it alone. Not everyone will like or appreciate what you are doing.  That is their problem not yours.  There will be many who are uncomfortable with your work.  That is their problem not yours.  Stop the hesitation or the casual attitude and get after it.

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