Channel-The Black Hole

Black Hole in the universe

Black Hole in the universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings My daughter,

I would like to tell you more about the portal, the opening.  You are not educated in astronomy, but you respect the science of it.  Many portals have opened recently and a final one will open December 21, 2012.  The opening of this portal will be the end of an era.  The opening of this portal will be the end of the “Black Hole.”  Light will infuse into the universe.  Communication will open up between our worlds.  We already are seeing this and more will connect with ease.

This is where you can help others.  Teach the about the spirit world.  It is where we all start and all will end.  Communication is key in your work.

You work easily with people and are most comfortable 1 on 1 but, expand your comfort zone by working in groups.  You can intensify the energies by working with multiples or large groups.  We are all connected.  When someone’s vibration is lifted the group will benefit as well and on.

Your healing energies continue to expand as does your intuitive nature.  Consider the possibilities.

With the portals openings many people are feeling the shifts, but not sure exactly what’s happening.  some report body aches and pains yet others say they have never felt better.  You have experienced both.  You need to know what people experience in their lives so that you can relate.  As you progress on the path, it will all make sense to you.

Join me in a group reading.

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