Weekly Channel-We All Gain

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Greetings My Beloved,

Much is happening in the world around you. Change, change and more change.  Embrace it.  It is how it should be.  It’s the end of an era.  When there is an up roar and dissatisfaction, change is in the making.  Something has to give.  Dissatisfaction is a catalyst for change.  It sparks creativity and energizes those to make a difference.

Let’s look at the change that is happening.  It is happening in business, your economy and government.  It is happening on the earth plane.  This is evident as you have seen all sorts of climate changes.  As these changes settle down, people will make some decisive changes of their own. We all gain by each other successes.

There has been a mentality of me, me, me that will fall away.  There will no longer be a me, but rather we.  Look for sweeping changes.

The status quo will no longer be acceptable.  You will be see people stepping out to make a difference in their own life as well as others.  The standard will change from a me centered universe to a we centered.  It will be more cooperative and more heart centered.

You will see a push to make a more centered decisions rather than extremist. Everyone feels more comfortable when the teeter totter is more leveled rather than one side or the other.  Help others and teach them to stand up for themselves. There will be more of a balance and less emphasis on who is best.  We all gain.

Join me in a group session.

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