Something New- Small Group Readings


Interested in a reading, but not sure what it is all about.  Maybe you would like to ask a question or two.  Then you may be interested in a group reading.

I limit the number of participants in the group to 10-12 people.  Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions. The great thing about being in a group is that someone may ask a question that you were wondering about and we all benefit from that.

There is a healing component to my readings.  Blocks are removed from your energetic field and this is magnified in a group setting. Most people feel more energetic and clearer almost immediately following the session.

The cost of the session is $40/person. All sessions are via the telephone and last an hour.    If you are interested contact me via email at

Next session is September 6th at 7pm CST

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6 thoughts on “Something New- Small Group Readings

  1. I wish you well on this Amy. It sounds like a great idea. For myself don’t have loose funds for things like this atm but that will change soon.

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