Channel-Firmly on the Path

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Greetings my daughter,

I sense your questioning as to which direction you should be moving in.  You may not realize this because it has happened very slowly, but you are exactly where you should be and doing what you should be doing.

I feel like you are looking or waiting for something to happen.  It has been happening with you and all around you.  You are stepping into your own.  You know what I say is true, yet you keep doubting.  Look where you started and where you are today.  Much has happened and it has not over whelmed you.  I would say you are firmly on the path.  It would take much to move you in a different direction.  You like where you are at in your life.  Enjoy the unfolding of events.  Keep pushing as you continue to want more, more will come.

A key portal has opened up and you will notice a change in your writings and other communications.  It will all flow with ease.  You are not the only one who will benefit from the portal opening, but everyone in your world.  We are entering into a new era.  The shift has been happening for years.  It is a wonderful time to be in the physical and to be part of the change taking place.  It is why you are there.

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