Ask Amy Q and A-Why Do I Feel Guilt Over A Death?

So many people tend to feel guilt over the death of a family member.  The guilt is over a variety of things and range from not being there when they passed to thinking they should have know that something was wrong before it happened. Possibly they have done something to have made a difference. 

I  like to say that it is always the right time when our loved ones pass.  It may not be the right time for us, but it is always their right time.  I believe that we all have a beginning an ending.  Fortunately,  we don’t know when that ending will be.

I have a friend whose Grandma recently passed.  She was out in her yard pulling weeds.  She fell over and was gone.  Now it is easy to understand because Grandma was in her 90’s and lived a full life.  I say how wonderful that there was no illness, no hospital and no one to watch her die. How wonderful!

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This is also true when a younger person dies suddenly out of the blue or in an accident.  Just know that it was their perfect time and you didn’t have to watch them suffer or endure an illness just to see the light within them vanish.

So, if you are someone who has lost someone suddenly and you struggle to understand. I am so sorry for your loss and I say to you, how wonderful!

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