More John Edward!

I sat in the front row.  Pretty amazing considering I stood in line for 2 hours behind a few hundred people.  I marched up to the front looking for the perfect seat.  I found one front and center.  Funny how that worked out.  By the looks of things, there must have been 1000 in attendance.

I have to say that I felt like he was talking to me at times.  He told us about his mother and how she was diagnosed with end stage cancer.  He was so confused and angry when he learned of her illness.  It reminded me of when my mom found out she had cancer.  Mr. Edward goes on to say that she must have been misdiagnosed.  He’s a psychic and would know if his mother was sick.  He told the doctors they were wrong and every step of the way the doctors proved him wrong.

He went on to say that over the years he has come to understand that somethings you don’t need to know or aren’t supposed to know.  He points out that in his line of work it’s important to know first hand the struggles that people endure.

I have often wondered and felt that I completely dropped the ball where my mom was concerned.  How could I not have known that she was so sick?  From the time she was diagnosed to her death, it all happened so quickly. Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to know.  It was as it should be.

Mr. Edward says we all come here with a path and purpose.  Some of us are here to teach us lessons.  A woman struggled to understand the purpose of her 16 month old who was not expected to live.  Many doctors and friends were encourageing the woman to stop treatment.  She wonders how she could possibly give up on her child.  Mr. Edward, the psychic says he does not have any information to pass on to her but Mr. Edward the parent tells her to exhaust every possible solution, “I believe in miracles!” He then went on to say that her son is her teacher.

I left the event in awe.  I am thankful for his willingness to share his gifts and teach others what he has learned.  It was spectacular.

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