Channel-You Are the Teacher

Greetings My daughter,

As you reach to connect, I reach for you as well.  It is so wonderful to connect with you in this way.  I sense your emotion and know how difficult life can be at times.  You have over come much and it’s time or us to get to work.  You see here on the otherside, you are my teacher.  We work together and have worked together on our spiritual growth for many life times.

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The important thing to remember is that we all have our path and our purpose.  In addition, we have lessons that we come to learn.  On the otherside, we are learning and working as well, but be don’t live in the heaviness of the physical.  We are only spiritual beings who love.  In your world there are other things such as emotions and the physical body.  The spiritual side is somewhat neglected.

When I say spiritual side, I don’t mean religion.  Being religious has nothing to do with being spiritual.  A direct connection to the devine makes you spiritual.  Many people have lost that connection or the conscious connection. They have disconnected and are truly living in the physical.  That will be your job to help people reconnect to their spiritual side.  After all,  you are the teacher.

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3 thoughts on “Channel-You Are the Teacher

  1. Wow Amy I really like this post! Especially the title as I say that all the time! What you say regarding spirituality vs religion is something I believe strongly too. It’s wonderful to read others thoughts on things I feel strongly about.

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