Weekly Channel-Step Into the Light

Greetings My Beloved,

Step into the light and as you do everything flows with ease.  Step into the light and everything that you want is magnified.  Step into the light!  We see you focused and poised for more.

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Notice how you feel when you are in the light or the flow of things.  You are energized and life flows smoothly.  Align yourself on a daily basis or more often if needed.

You notice when you have connected energetically to us that you are more in alignment.  Your day flows.  You can do this with your readings or through mediation.  Make it routine.  This will help you shed the weight of the world.

Writing is another way in which you connect.  As you do so now you realize that this has been the case and your truth for lifetimes.  Step into the light with your work.  Those around you will not be surprised to learn this about you but will say that it makes sense.

As you know by now that shining a light on anything or stepping into the flow of the universe will bring more of what you desire.  So we say to you, my friend, “Step into the Light!”

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Channel-Step Into the Light

      • Thank you for accepting my request. I feel very blessed that you like to share your words with me. My guest blog is all about intuition. It is up to you how you like to give this subject colour. I normally put a photo with your text and a photo of you. Together with a bio and your website/facebook.twitter of course. To keep between us I’m happy to offer somthing in return.

        What would be a good time frame for you? Next week is that to soon?

        Thank you!

        Namaste Renee ( Dutch, but living in Nigeria :) )

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