John Edward, So We Meet Again!

I had the opportunity to attend a group session with John Edward.  No, not the politician, the renowned psychic.   I had seen him before about 1 1/2 years ago in Des Moines.

image from Facebook

He appeared trimmer since I last saw him.  He sported a blue polo, jeans and black sneakers.  He received a standing ovation as he entered the room  before he ever said  a word.  He started by answering some questions that he said someone generally will ask him at every event.  Such as: Is the world coming to an end?  What do you think of the psychic shows on the air?  Do you watch them?  Are you going to have a new television show? Then he took questions from the audience.

I had hoped that he would let me ask a question.  I had many but when it came time I asked him to explain what exactly it means to be “a healer?”

A healer is someone who helps with the body, mind or spirit.  You would be someone who works in the medical field.  If you were an accountant I would be worried.  You would be perfect for energy work such as Reiki or Theta healing.  You are also a teacher.  I don’t think you need to worry.  I believe that your work will find you.

He moved on to answer more questions then went on to the readings.  He didn’t speak to any spirits on my behalf, but I did feel at times that he was directly talking to me.  A woman sitting behind me thought that Mr. Edward was reading her, but he was talking to a woman on the other side of the room.  She asked him why she feels as though he talking to her.  He reassured her that he is talking with someone else, but there may be messages for many of us.

I found his readings and validation fascinating.  Any skeptic would have left wondering how he did that.  So until we meet again, Mr. Edward, chao!

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11 thoughts on “John Edward, So We Meet Again!

  1. Cool. I got see John Edward, but not in person. It was in San Francisco with at least 2000 people. Good for you! Wish I could ask him questions too. YAY Thetahealing! Whoo hoo! Blessings to you Amy!

    • Very magical. Intense energy. I was exhausted after the event. I felt as though he was talking to me and that made me very emotional. He talked for close to 3 hours. It seemed like 45 minutes. Very genuine.

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