Channel-Nothing Less

Greetings, My daughter

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As we connect,  I sense you have many questions. Situations arise in your world and you find yourself wondering, “What would Mom do or think of this?”  In your earth-bound world, you have your own thoughts and beliefs.  In my world, there is neither good or bad.  It is all energy.  I will remind you that with every action taken there will be an equal reaction.  It is law.

I only have great love here on the other side.  I don’t have judgement.  That is a thought from your world.  There is more balance coming into your world.  As the energy shifts, old ideas and paradigms fall way.  Don’t be overly concerned with this.  The point is that I am here and you are there.  All I have to offer is love.  I cheer you on.  Nothing less.

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