Because They Can

I gave a reading to a client recently.  She told me that her mother passed 8 or so months ago.


Telephone (Photo credit: plenty.r.)

Is she trying to tell me something? Is something wrong?

She told me that she has been worried sick about it for months.  She told me that shortly after her mother passed she received a telephone call from her mother.  She attempted to leave a phone message on her answering machine.  She told me that it was her mother’s voice but, she doesn’t understand what she was trying to say.  It was not a clear connection. In addition to calling her, her mother also left a message on her aunt’s answering machine.  Her message only called out her sister’s name before losing the connection.

Was she trying to tell them something?  I don’t believe so.  She was just wanting to connect with them again.  Although spirits are on a different plane, they have the ability to connect with us in a different way.  Some spirits use the phone or things that require electricity.  I’ve heard stories about appliances turning off and on.  I’ve had experiences with the telephone and one with the shop vac since my mother-in-law passed.

My client asked me,

Why do they do it?

I tell her, “Because they can!”

Our departed loved ones know that we are grieving and try to comfort us.  If you are lucky enough to have such an experience, embrace it! If you have a story to share I would love to hear it.

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4 thoughts on “Because They Can

  1. A short time after my grandfather died (I was only 16), I was very upset at school one day, and really fighting back the tears, when I saw him standing a few feet away smiling at me. When I was very young he would wake me up by running his fingers up the bottom of my foot to tickle me, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been woke up that way over the years since he passed over. He never lets me go too long without a visit to remind me he isn’t far away.

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