Weekly Channel-What is the Point

Greetings my beloved,

It becomes easier and easier for you to connect.  It’s a though you have always done this. In some ways this is true.  You come into this life with much experience in the spirit realm.

google image from alwayz lucid blog

However, you have chosen to live a more “normal” life.  In some ways you have found that to be awkward, but it does help with your level of understanding with those who are not tuned in.

It’s time to move in or deeper into the healing aspect of your work.  This intrigues you yet you haven’t quite figured out the enormity of what that means for you.  Be open to surprises and not always having to know what is coming.  Enjoy the unfolding of the different aspects of you work.  Don’t try to figure out but know that as it happens it will make perfect sense to you.  There will be others who don’t understand what is going on and will literally be scratching their heads.

It’s time to kick it up a notch and shake things up a bit.  You are ready and have been ready for some time.  As you venture into this line of work you were not sure how you would be perceived.  You were skeptical and nervous.  Today, your beliefs are stronger than ever.

Now there is something you need to remember. There is no point to any of this if you are not enjoying it or having fun.  Enjoy what you are doing and we sense that you do.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Channel-What is the Point

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