Weekly Channel-Shine A Light on It

This is a continuation of previous channel “The Heart of the Matter.”

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When we say shine a light on it, we mean exactly that.  Bring attention to it.  The more that notice, the more people will reevaluate that what they are doing is not working. It’s time to change.  You will see just that.  People will take control and not rely on the old standard.

Part of your purpose is to teach and to convey these ideas.  Not everyone is ready to hear it, but it is the time in your world for these things to change.

Your medical system is on the verge of collapse.  When so many people are so entrenched in  the way it is run and operated, it’s difficult to see how it will change. It will change.

It won’t be the system that changes, but rather the people who will say they have had enough and take control of their own lives. They will do so by changing their thoughts and their approach.  It will change from a sickness approach to a wellness approach.

When people realize that they can choose wellness, the shift will begin. There is no stopping it  This is the cutting edge.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Channel-Shine A Light on It

  1. Wow! Chilling~ I have seen the inner-workings of the medical system on many levels and am thankful I left the field. It is corrupt on numerous levels!

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