From the Archive-Intuition Grows

I’m having some family time at the lake.  I thought I would pull out an old post

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Everybody has it.  It’s that voice that nags at your mind.  You say that you don’t hear it, but you do. It’s that uneasiness that keeps popping up.  It’s the sleepless nights.  It’s a wondering mind. You know exactly how your intuition works.  It may be different for all, but in the end it’s the same.  The voice, the guidance, is nothing if you don’t acknowledge it.

Pay attention to those nudges and more will come.  Ignore it and you will cut yourself off from knowledge.  As you focus on it, it grows.

For some , guidance come through in dreams.  For others, it’s waking moments.  However subtle it’s nudges may be, pay close attention.  How does your intuition speak?

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5 thoughts on “From the Archive-Intuition Grows

  1. My intuition speaks to me by freeze-frames flashing before my eyes startling me by surprise, and through visitors in my dreams at night. iwhispering by day from my soul that has live many lives. It speaks to me if I dare to listen.

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