Weekly Channel-The Heart of the Matter

Greetings my beloved.

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Much is going on with and around you. We see you going over a list and running through it mentally wondering what we should speak of next.  Let me make it easy and pick a topic.  Illness in your society has become so prevalent.  There are many reasons.  There are obviously environmental and physically reasons.  There are life-style illnesses  These are the types of illnesses due to not taking care of yourself.  For example, diabetes due to obesity and the like.  What we wish to talk about are the diseases that manifest energetically in your energy fields.

Everybody has 7 chakras  which are energy centers  There is an Auric field that surrounds your body.  There are emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in addition to the physical.  When one of these energy centers shut down or is impaired because of an energy block, illness can creep into the physical.  This is why it is so important to move the body.  Vigorous exercise, dance, and yoga are all excellent ways to help clear energy fields.

Thoughts and feelings are also stored in the body. Negative thoughts and feelings hold a lower vibration and create blocks. If the blocks are not removed or released they will eventually cause harm to the physical body.  This is why meditation and yoga are becoming so popular.  A vast number of the population on earth now realizes that there is more to maintaining the body than a proper diet and going to the gym.

Consider the prevalence of breast cancer and how it has infiltrated your society. Clearing the heart center of negative emotions and feelings would help slow this down immensely.  You look for ways to treat disease rather than finding ways to stop it from happening.

There isn’t a day that goes by where someone isn’t diagnosed.  You have developed treatments and treatment centers.  It is big business. Has it occurred to anyone to find out why this is happening.  Until you shine a light on this matter in a different way, nothing will change.

to be continued….

3 thoughts on “Weekly Channel-The Heart of the Matter

    • Thank you Karel. I will get to work on that. I am at the lake with my family do I am taking a few weeks off. It’s an honor!

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