Thank you, Goddess Light

Recently, Shelly Dressel,

Shelly Dressel

featured me in her newsletter.  I have copied and pasted below, but first I would like to thank Shelly.  THANK YOU, SHELLY! 

I feel like I have gotten to know Shelly as I have worked with her for several years.  I also am a regular on her Sunday night channeling calls. Shelly channels the Goddess of Creation. I suggest you check it out. Shelly’s website is  Shelly also offers private channeling sessions which from personal experience I can tell you are fabulous! Shelly also has 2 new meditation CD’s she just released. 

Featured lightworker:  I believe we are all here in support of each other.  For every expansion one person has, so do the rest of us.  In this section I am sharing with you people who I’ve come into contact with that I think you may also enjoy.  I will at times feature an organization or others who are even more well known.  If you would like me to feature you and your work, please send me your information.

Today my featured lightworker is Amy Keast, Intuitive Blogger! As with so many of the people I enjoy featuring here, I first met Amy through doing private channelings with her.  At the time we met she already open, aligned with her higher self and working towards taking the next step for her… reaching out to the world.  Since that time she started her intuitive counseling business.  She also has a blog in which she posts several times a week about what’s going on in her life, things happening around the world, a channeled message and whatever catches her fancy. She started back in January, 2012 & now she has people from 60 plus countries who have visited her blog and close to 15,000 hits on my blog.. Short Bio About Amy: She is a mother, wife, pharmacist by trade, and an intuitive.  She has lived for years in a traditional world, doing the ‘usual’ things people did.  She was very intuitive and aware of things happening when she was a child, but in an attempt to fit in or remain in mainstream, she shut that down.  Over the recent years, it’s gotten to the point where it can no longer be shut down or ignored and that’s what has led her to sharing about herself in this blog.  One thing I know from Amy is that the more she has embraced her intuitive and spiritual side, the more she has grown.   From what I remember of her blog at the beginning to what it is today; she’s really opened, she’s channeling more and what was always there in the background is now front and center!!
Amy offers a free reading once a week to one of my followers and she just started a new aspect on her blog called, “Ask Amy”.  In this she encourages people to ask questions about the spirit world and she will answer 1 or 2 questions in a blog post the next week. She’ll  write about the spirit world, dreams, channeling, akashic records, etc. Two of her most recent posts were: Grandpa’s Dream Girl.  I loved Grandpa’s Dream Girl because in this she was talking about her daughter’s dream.  Don’t we all have dreams from time to time that really stick with us?  I think we can get caught up in the specifics that may be mentioned, but when we keep it in the energy of allowing and knowing; your dreams can become a place of wonderful expansion! Then there’s her post: Channel – The Right Time  In this blog she’s channeling her guides and they are speaking about the timing that takes place when we are manifesting in our lives.  Isn’t this something we all want to know about?  During this channel they speak of the desires we have, what steps we may take, the law of attraction and the steps that one may go through. But ultimately that there are many things that come into play when you manifest.  How many times do things happen for you… just not when you expected them to? I think that’s something we can all relate to! Please check out Amy’s blog

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