Ask Amy Q and A-What Happens to Children?

Steve asks this week’s question.

Can you explain when a baby or child dies. Do they remain young? Exactly how does it work?

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I don’t believe that we carry on our physical likeness when we cross over.  When a person dies before an old age we assume that they are young.  Chances are is that they have lived many lives before and are not as young as they appear to our physical eyes.

We all come here for experiences and purpose.  We agreed to it before be came into this life time.  If you are a parent who has lost a child be assured that your child as returned to the other side and is observing or cheering you on from the sidelines.  They have completed their mission.  I don’t believe that a soul who leaves the physical remains child like.  I believe that their soul is more as it would appear as an adult.

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