The Experiment

My husband has diabetes. He has since he was 15.  It has impacted his life and our family greatly.

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I don’t want to over share about the details of having an illness/disease such as diabetes.  Those who live with it or around it know how intrusive it can be.

I started having dreams about my husband being healed a few years back.  I always assumed it would be through technology such as stem cell therapy. Recently, I have had some moments of clarity and insights having done some work with my guides and angels.  I have learned that I emit a frequency when giving readings.  I don’t fully understand it, but having given readings for some time now I have been given a great deal of feedback.  People tell me that something happens to them during a reading.  Some say that they notice it almost immediately.  I don’t have a conscious knowing of how or what is going on.  I have noticed a connection through my heart center.  There must be some sort of clearing taking place.

Back to my husband, he has greatly changed over the past 17 years we have been married.  He has lost over 50 pounds and his insulin usage has plummeted.  I’ve noticed he obviously feels better.  He used to be sick routinely, but not anymore.

It occurs to me that possibly there is something I can do for my husband and others with diabetes. If this is something I do when I don’t know I’m doing it, then just think now powerful it could be if I were to know that I am doing it.

Do you have a question that you would like to ask? Who knows, maybe I’ll feature your question in a blog post.

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