Channel-It Makes Me Smile

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Greetings, my daughter.

Much has happened since our last conversation.  I have much to share.

In my work here on the other side, I have been allowed to greet those who have crossed over back into the spirit world. It has invigorated me so.  I have met so many wonderful souls.

Not everybody is ready to come back and some are a bit disoriented.  Others are delighted to return.  It has been a joy to help.  I feel so valued and full of purpose.

As an escort we are not here to answer questions or concerns, but rather to comfort.

I know why I love to serve others and why I chose to continue my work on the other side.   It’s what I do and I just love it.

I sense an “aha” from  you as I convey this and it makes me smile.

A side note concerning this channel.  My mom was truly a servant in this life. She always helped those in need and never questioned those who needed her help.

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6 thoughts on “Channel-It Makes Me Smile

  1. I knew the minute I started to read this that it was about your mother. She was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. I can see her on the other side, encouraging and helping others, just as she did in this world. I hope I will have the chance to run into her someday on the other side.

  2. I absolutely love this! I lost a friend a year ago, and I feel very much like he led me to my current job, hospice – comfort at the end of life and facilitating a graceful exit. I have had the whispering several times that my friend is a greeter there! I tell him every now and then, “Say hello to Mrs. _____,” or “Get Mr. ________ that beer his children forbade him.” I feel my friend smiling sometimes. Thank you for sharing your loved one’s smile!

  3. So many times when I was down, my grandmother’s energy would surround me and “hug” me all around with what I can only describe as a “pink atmosphere of love”. It is so important for people to know that death can not separate, and life and love do continue.

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