Grandpa’s Dream Girl

Madison had a dream about her grandpa.  He had recently started dating.

google image

In her dream, she introduced her grandpa to a lady that she had met on a trip to Chicago with her student council.

Ginger was a chaperone from another school.  Maddie rode with her to and from Chicago. That’s was how she became acquainted with her.  Maddie learned that she have never been married and immediately thought of her 2 grandpa’s who had found themselves single again after many years.  Maddie said that she and the rest of the kids had expressed their desire for a grandma like Ginger.  She was pretty, little and full of life.

Shortly after returning home, Maddie dreamed that her grandpa was dating Ginger.

Several months have passed since Maddie had this dream.

No, Grandpa isn’t dating Ginger.

I don’t think the dream is really about Ginger, but rather a desire for her Grandpa to be with someone she likes, admires and connects with like Ginger.

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