Channel-The Right Time

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Greetings my beloved.

You have many questions.  We sense that. Lets take one at a time.  Lets explore the issue of timing and how you and other humans view,”the right time.” It’s easy to get caught up in wanting, planning and expecting an outcome, but still you wait.  Then there are occasions in which you think a thought and rather quickly it manifests.   There are many, many things that go on simultaneously.  Sequences, situations and synchronicities that need to line up.  Every decision you make sets you on a path and as you adjust your desires and wishes your plan may shift also shifting the outcome.  Lets examine this in a different way.

You may wish to fly to the moon so you study and become an astronaut , but as you complete the aerospace program you discover that the space program has been discontinued so you have a decision to make.  Will you give up on your dream? Will you find another way to get to the moon or will you go home and work in the family business.  Each decision will set you on a different path. Not every decision is critical or significant, but there pivotal times in our life where the decisions are life changing. As you make a decision, the universe goes to work lining things up in things in the back ground.

Another component to manifesting is the Law of Attraction.  The LOA is basically the attraction of what ever you think or feel.  You may desire to fly to the moon, but believe and feel that it’s never going to happen. Conversely, you may believe you will do what ever it takes to get it done.  Whatever you believe and feel will manifest.

Let’s get back to timing.  You desire something.  You work for something and plan for it, but it seems to elude you.  You tell yourself that it is not the right time or bad timing.  Examine your beliefs concerning how you feel surrounding what you desire.

What is it that you are telling yourself?

  • I can’t because of…
  • I’m stuck
  • I could never do that
  • The economy is bad..
  • Nobody is hiring
  • I don’t feel good
  • I’m tired

So you see there are many components to getting what you desire none of which have anything to do with timing.   You need to be in alignment with what you feel and desire.

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