Ask Amy Weekly Q and A- Parallel Dreams

This week’s question comes from Mike.

What do you think

the significance of dreams is?

I have

~google image~

dreams the same as my friends, one of them is thousands of miles away. We both had a similar dream a month apart after being given oxygen!

I truly believe that we have the opportunity to journey into another dimension in our dreams.  It’s a place to work on current issues in life.  For some, it’s an opportunity to connect with others.

Mostly, dreams are symbols and not usually taken literally.  It sounds as though you have a strong connection with your friend.  Not knowing all the details of the dream, it sounds like you have some type of psychic connection.  This must be someone you are deeply bonded with and possibly a twin flame.

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11 thoughts on “Ask Amy Weekly Q and A- Parallel Dreams

  1. One night, a few months ago, I had a dream my oldest son got his girlfriend pregnant. When I woke up the next morning and told my son about my dream, he was shocked; he had had the same exact dream the night before too!
    They broke up a month later…

    • I think the baby in this case is something new is coming, not a baby in the literal sense. Thanks Deb, I love hearing about your dreams.

  2. A month or two ago, my middle daughter said that she’d dreamed that she was trying to save someone from drowning. Coincidentally, I had dreamed that I was drowning and someone was trying to save me, but failed. Luckily, I discovered I could breathe a bit underwater….

    • according to….
      To dream that you are drowning indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Repressed issues may be coming back to haunt you. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your subconscious thoughts. You should proceed more cautiously and slowly. If you drown to death, then is refers to an emotional rebirth. If your survive the drowning, then it means that a waking relationship or situation will ultimately survive the turmoil.�

      To see someone drowning in your dream suggests that you are becoming too deeply involved in something that is beyond your control. Alternatively, it represents a sense of loss in your own identity. You are unable to differentiate who you are anymore.

  3. Hi Amy!
    I would tell you my recurring dream, but it might gross you out. So, I’ll spare you the details for the moment. I may come back to tell you about it if I dream it again…yuk!
    Have a great evening!

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