Weekly Channel-It Is No Accident

Greetings my beloved. We greet you. Much is going on in

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your world front and center.  You find yourself in a certain place whether it be the midwest or the west coast. It is no accident.  You find yourself in a certain job.  It is no accident. You find yourself in certain relationships…I think you understand what we are getting at.

Your life has been orchestrated from the beginning.  You have created what you desire.  If you find yourself in a place or situation that you no longer suits you, then change it.  You create your reality.  It is up to you.

There is much change in the world you live in.  There are many who seek change on so many levels. Your government for example is shifting back and forth like a pendulum.  Certain ideas are falling away while new are being created.  There are so many people who are on the leading edge of thought. Thoughts are energy that bring about change into your reality.  Positive as well as negative thoughts have power.  Energy is energy whether it’s positive or negative.  What ever you feel about those thoughts, or the emotion behind those thoughts, will bring about more of that.  Reach for the heavens with your thoughts.

What we are saying is that it can be easy to fall into a pattern of negativity.  You ‘ve seen that with people who never seem to get it right and you have seen it with those  who always seem to end up on top.  It’s the feeling or vibration that creates that reality.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Channel-It Is No Accident

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