She Creeps Me Out

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In my little town, we have a wine store.  Once a month, they invite a friend of theirs to come in and give readings.  She is an older lady in her mid to late 60′s.  She has gray hair and cat eyed glasses.  She was kind of gruff if you know what I mean.

This is how it works.  When you arrive, you are given a number and the oportunity to drink a little wine while you wait for your turn.  One evening, I stopped in to see her.  I had to wait a long time.  There were many before me.  When it was my turn, I sat down in front of her at a small table.  She told me all sorts of very random, generic things; none of which resonated with me. I wasn’t impressed.  I paid my $5 and left.

I found her to be tough and a bit on the mean side.  The whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth.  There wasn’t a thing that I found loving about her. I didn’t feel as though her communication came from a good place.  She creeps me out.

A word to the wise: be careful where you seek guidance from.  In all fairness, I don’t think her readings are meant to be taken seriously.  I think it is meant for entertainment purposes.

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2 thoughts on “She Creeps Me Out

  1. i went to a psychic once, and was seated looking into the kitchen with a child (3ish) chopping some kind of meat with a huge knife. I had to run out so fast.

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