Weekly Channel-Conscious Healer

Greetings my beloved,

You are eager to learn and to spread our messages.  The earth is ready to hear.  Your healing energies continue to expand and so so your conscious thoughts about it.  You have been told over and over that you are a healer, but not aware of what that means for you.  Yes, there are many modalities of being a healer.  In your current work you are in a healing position as well.  You are drawn to that because that is who you are.

For you, the energy you work with is healing. You connect energetically through the heart chakra and emit a frequency that is healing.  It is all very powerful and something that you do unconsciously when giving a reading.  Having said that, you desire to be a conscious healer.  You desire to know exactly what is happening.  These are the things that you think about.  We will break it down for you as you move along this path.

Be open to sharing what you are learning.  You find it fascinating and so will others.  The era of taboo has ended.  More and more people desire and seek changes.

You give readings and the healing goes on in the back ground.  As you know, you can’t do one with out the other.  As you connect and gather info and relay that info, the energy is being given to the other.  It is really quite remarkable.  Physical illness can and will be reversed.  Negative patterns and emotional blocks are just a few of the clearings that have taken place.  As you dive deeper into your calling more intense healing will occur.  You have been working with the energies for sometime now, consciously, but the nature of your healings will change.  When we say change we mean more pronounced, more obvious.  You know that people have benefited from your readings, but it will be the healing aspect that people seek rather than the intuitive information.

Weekly drawing for a free reading

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