Breast Cancer Again!

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Really? I have to wonder exactly what is going on here.  Why is there so much cancer in our society? Breast cancer infiltrated our family a few years back when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.  Less than 2% of all breast cancers are this type.  Less than 10% of those diagnosed live another 5 years.  Surgery, radiation and lots of chemotherapy didn’t change any of those statistics.  In the end, she lost the battle.

My mom suffered from breast cancer as well.  She turned her back on treatment in the traditional sense.  She acted as if there was nothing wrong.  She never had the cancer diagnosed when she found the original lump back in 1995.  Instead she opted out of the usual cut, burn and poison therapy. She put her faith in God and prayed it would go away.   She didn’t want any part of it.  Years later her secret lump spread throughout her body and took her life.

My girls have lost both of their grandma’s to breast cancer.  It’s scary .They don’t fully understand.  When they were younger, they thought cancer was contagious and now they think it’s just bad luck.

A friend of our family was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was all pretty sudden.  She’s already had surgery and plans to have extensive chemo and radiation…heavy sigh.  Here we go again.

16 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Again!

  1. I agree with you, Amy. Breast cancer seems to be an epidemic. I have 2 very close friends who had breast cancer. They’re both still alive, thank goddess.
    I’ve asked spirit many times what is going on since the statistics are rising. I have a few thoughts on the matter, but nothing of scientific substance.

  2. I know what you mean, Amy. Cancer seems to be everywhere. I believe there are a lot of possible reasons, too, especially relating to what’s happening in society — what we’re doing to our food, the air, the water, and the Earth.

  3. I totally agree with Terri too! And so sorry to hear, Amy. Sending positive and healing thoughts your friend and family.

  4. I just noticed this post. I’m so sorry that cancer has invaded.
    My younger sister has breast cancer.
    She’s five years to the good now.
    In my work several factors play in the role of breast cancer:
    Loss of ability or robbed of the choice to nurture/mother others.
    Consumption of caffeine–it contributes to fibrocystic issues in the breasts.
    Consumption of additives, chemicals and preservatives; they contribute in breaking down the body’s ability to fight free radicals: (like cancer, or serious disease and/or infections).
    You’re upbeat, which is a plus.
    I often suggest to folks when they are faced with a “seriousness” to not get into denial, instead to go deeply into forgiveness for everything.
    From there it’s so easy to appreciate and be happy.
    Staying happy, and affirming the positive for yourself and others also affirms wellness….

  5. breast cancer is of course treatable if you catch it at an early stage. therefore, it is always necessary to have regular breast exams. ,.,** Enjoy your weekend!

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