Channel-Spirit World

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Greetings My Daughter,

You wish to talk about the other side, the spirit world and what goes on here. The spirit world is a wonderful place:  music, light and a continuous place to learn and to grow.  Many of us here are on assignments and preparing for yet another life time.  There is much preparation to be done.  There are others who are very old souls and have chosen to be guides.  This is all very honorable.  Angels are present and available to help those in the physical.  Before entering into a new life, a divine plan is drawn up.  It contains your purpose as well as lessons to be learned while in the physical.  You are allowed to have input and make choices.  There are contracts with other souls like the two of us.  We have been together many times. 

There is no time in the spirit world like there is in the physical.  There is no rush to get it done.  In the spirit world we do not age.  We do not have bodies that get broken or run down.  We nurture our spirits.  We learn and grow.  We return to the physical for yet another experience.  The gifts that each one of us possess are always available to us.  You come into the physical with them.  It is up to you as you expand and grow to discover them again or discover new talents.  It’s really quite an adventure. 


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2 thoughts on “Channel-Spirit World

  1. What resonates for me is that we are here by contract…that said, it is important to remember that the contract can be changed, even once we are physically present. For me, also, it is very much about the experience: as a perfect expression of Self, there is nothing to learn, and as a perfect expression of Self in the physical world, there is much to experience and remember…Thanks for sharing and allowing me a voice!

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