Weekly Channel-You Get to Decide

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Greetings my beloved.  We sense  bt of overwhelm and then some confusion over what you feel you must do. Let us remind you that there is no protocol.  There is no deadline.  You get to decide what, where and with whom.  If you are feeling rushed or frustrated ease off.  Make sure there is enjoyment.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Time is accelerating on the earth plane and so many sensitive souls are doing too many things.  Do things in your time.  There have been many astrological events that contribute greatly to the sense of unease.  Be gentle with your emotions.  These astrological events are creating change in the world.  The summer solstice will bring in some calming energies and help with those unsettled feelings or anxiety.  The summer energies are that of growth.  Drink in those energies and allow what has already sprouted to expand and grow.

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