The Sunshine Award!

Thank you Abby Rae for niominating me for the Sunshine Award.  I appreciate you spreading the love.  Take a look at Abby Rae’s blog

There are 10 questions that need to be answered….

favorite animal:  dog…especially mine. I have a dauchshund

favorite number: 1 (I see it everywhere 1:11,11:11 etc.)

favorite non-alcoholic drink-Breve latte

FB or Twitter: FB with family and friends

My passion: my kids and the spirit world

Getting or giving:  I’m not going to lie…I love getting presents!

favorite pattern:  I like paisley

favorite flower:  tulips this time of year

favorite day of the week: I love Sundays. It’s a family day. 

It is my privledge to pass on this nomination to the following bloggers:

Andrea @ Holisticwords

Jeannie @ Gracefully50

Serenity @ thenomadicangel

Brenda @ streams of consciousness

Think Wonderful Thoughts

Grace @ Grace Ballesteos

A Girl and Her Brush

Peace Love and Fabulous Things

Ellen Keast

Andrea @ Growing Up Right

In appreciation of all of you, please accept a free hug.

Video by You-tube.  Music by Sick Puppies

4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award!

  1. I have to agree with you on the pattern paisley and Sundays. Hee hee. I love that you share all of these things. It’s one thing getting to know you in a different way too. Blessings!

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