Weekly Channel-Imagine

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Greetings, my beloved.  You reach to the heavens for answers.  You wish to know the secrets of the universe.  You long for the answers to life and its mysteries.  You have traveled during your sleep to the other side.  You have trained for lifetimes.  Allow the information to flow.  It is second nature to you. 

Life is not always defined rigidly.  You have many different opportunities to pick and choose.  What do you prefer?  As you focus on something you bring that preference into reality.  It’s important to be clear what it is you seek.  Be careful, you may get exactly what you’re thinking of. 

You have new enthusiasm for life.  You feel as a weight or a fog has been lifted.  You embrace the energies. You feel lighter and more energetic.  You rapidly work through your list of things to do.  You actually feel as though you can get everything done.  These are the types of energies you are working with and it suits you, carry on. Let’s go one step further and image what you next step should be.

I want you to imagine the most wonderful fantastic opportunities and what they would be.  They could be little things and/or big things.  You decide.  I want you to image how that makes you feel. Now rest in that energy a bit.

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