Weekly Channel-It’s Their Time

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Greetings! This is Jeshua.  There are going to be some events in the next few weeks that you will question.  You will wonder why you can’t help them or why this had to happen in such a way.  You are not to help everyone.  Not everyone will want your help or should you give it to them.  It sounds cruel but there are others who have decided to leave and go back to the other side. It’s their time.  It part of their life plan, their contract.  Everybody has their time and unfortunately it’s not when we like but, know that it is their time.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Channel-It’s Their Time

  1. Hmmm…others got me. When you get messages like these, do they occupy your thoughts continuously?? It would be so difficult for me to move about my day. The blog posting has to help, I imagine~

  2. I too have had messages like this come through, and have also written about them, which resulted in some nasty comments from those still living in fear. Although I have compassion for these people, I didn’t post the comments, as nobody is helped by them. These messages are sent to make letting go easier for those left behind – to help us. Thank you for posting Amy!

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