Why Are We Here?

The following is an excerpt taken from my journal 4 years ago.

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Ellen hasn’t been quite herself lately. She is very quiet.  She complains of a head ache and can’t stop eating.  I try to get to the bottom of things.  When I ask she clams up. I thought that she is possibly worried about her grandfather who is having surgery.  She says, “No, he’ll be fine.”  I let her stay home from school.  She clearly isn’t herself.  She spends most of the day with her Grandma.  She doesn’t think she is sick either.  I sat down with her at home and told her she needed to tell me what was going on.  She told me that she is feeling very confused and is questioning why she is here.  She said that she wants to go home.  I remember having similar feelings when I was young knowing that there must be some purpose to being here.  I asked her if her angels have been taking to her and she said constantly.  I told her to ask them to explain and she seemed to be ok with that.  The funk she was in seemed to disappear and Ellen was back to herself.

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4 thoughts on “Why Are We Here?

  1. I can certainly relate to that feeling of wanting to go home. I had pneumonia when I was 2 months old and again when I was 11, and I remember, during my feverish dreams when I was 11, hoping that this time maybe I’ll be allowed to come back home. I was spiritually travelling during those dreams, connecting with home. I felt that I didn’t belong here, in this body, and wanted to leave it behind and go home, and I know that I had to a certain degree ’caused’ my illness -willed it to happen- so that I could.

      • It didn’t work though Amy! :) I’ve just always had memories of home – living in the Light, surrounded by infinite, unconditional Love – something i’ve never felt in this life, because up until now it’s not been possible. The 3rd dimension cannot sustain that kind of uncondiitional Love, but we’re going into a new era, in which it is possible.

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