Another Mother-Daughter Chat

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Greetings my daughter.  As you approach this busy time of year, set aside time for yourself.  Time for you to do what you love.  Set your goals high.  You’ve alway held high expectations.  Show your girls what is important to you. 

Rejuvenate yourself, exercise and breathe.  Make time to write and play. Laugh and don’t be so serious.  Enjoy yourself and your family.  You truly can have it all.

Your father continues to seek your approval and assistance. He has done well regaining his footing.  He has weathered the storm.  He continues to need your support, but as time moves on he relies on you less.  You are available, but he doesn’t want to impose.  He seeks comfort elsewhere.  It is all about to change again.  He will seek another to get through it all. 

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4 thoughts on “Another Mother-Daughter Chat

  1. “Rejuvenate yourself, exercise and breathe. Make time to write and play. Laugh and don’t be so serious. Enjoy yourself and your family. You truly can have it all.” ~~ words we should all live by each and every day! Thank you for the reminder, Amy!

      • I had a wonderful weekend, Amy! Hoping yours was too! I feel 100 pounds lighter since our reading last week! Cleansed, calm yet more focused, many thanks to you! Thank you again so very much for all your amazing insight, wisdom and counseling. I’m so grateful for your presence in my life! :)

      • Thank you, Debbie. I am honored. What a nice way to start a Monday!

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